Kihnu lighthouse is situated on the southernmost tip of Pitkänä peninsula. It was brought here in 1864 from England, dismounted, and was reassembled on site. It is one of four cast iron lighthouses that remain standing on our shores. The tower is white, conical in shape and equipped with a lamp locker and balcony. The height of the light from sea level is 31 m and 29 m from the ground.

From 2013 it is possible to climb the tower and admire the beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Opening times:

  • In May – weekends
  • 1.  June – 27. August every day 10-17
  • At other times contact +372 5649 3948 / Special fee is 15 € + ticket price.


  • children, elderly and retired 3 €
  • adults 5 €


UNESCO Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage – Kihnu Cultural Space!
Kihnu Cultural Space Foundation
Metsamaa, Rootsiküla, Kihnu Parish, Pärnu County 88004
telephone +372 529 4734 / kultuuriruum [at]